"Life After Loss - From Tragedy To Triumph."

Million Mothers March

Ethel's Mission Of Hope

KAF Annual TOY Drive 2014

The Kennedy Austin Foundation (KAF) is a Non-Profit Wellness and Crisis Intervention Center that educates, equips, and empowers individuals and families to overcome the effects of major loss.  KAF offers counselling and wellness services to provide hope and restoration of body, mind, and soul.‚Äč

KAF was started by community leader Ethel Gardner to bring hope to a community of strong families who will triumph over tragedy.  KAF has stood the test of time under the leadership of Mrs. Gardner. Her personal model of "EACH ONE REACH ONE" has become a living example of how to turn tragedy into triumph and impact the community in a positive way. Her staff offers knowledge, encouragement and friendship for families in crisis and women surviving domestic violence..

KAF benefits from local fund-raising events and donations received from all across the country. We are currently working in partnership with The Greater Pomona School District and The Charity Children Center which offers FREE Preschool Education for Low-Income Children.