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About Us 

The Kennedy Austin Foundation is a Non-Profit 501(C)3 family-crisis intervention center focusing on mental health serving the Tri-City community of Pomona, Claremont, and La Verne, California. Ourmission is to support families through the traumas of life and loss.


Our organization was founded on the principle of helping those in need, particularly children and families who have experienced unbearable loss. At the Kennedy Austin Foundation, we believe that support and encouragement can go a long way in healing wounds and overcoming life's challenges. We offer a range of programs and services, from counseling and mentoring to educational and social initiatives, designed to meet the unique needs of each individual and family member in our care.


Our vision at Kennedy Austin Foundation is to continue to represent our dedication to making a positive impact on the lives of families and young people that have been affected by trauma. We believe that everyone deserves to live a life of love, hope, and purpose, and our initiatives reflect that belief. Discover more about how we’re helping change lives for the better, one project at a time.

We Believe 

We believe that having a community of people around you supporting you through life's turma is important.  For years, the Kennedy Austin Foundation has been providing families and young people with a safe space to process their emotions. Our programs and services are designed to support them through difficult times, providing them with the resources and tools they need to overcome their struggles and start leading healthier, happier lives. From counseling services to recreational activities, our team is dedicated to providing young people with the support they need to navigate the ups and downs of life.


Our Core Values include:

- Speak the truth in love
- Go to God first in all things
- Innovation is a big step towards getting unstuck
- Every person has worth and a purpose

 - With honesty comes healing
- Our integrity strengthens our organization
- Respect builds healthy relationships with self and others
- Be compassionate, caring and kind
- Courageous leaders achieve results

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