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Creating Space for Youth

Sharing the traumas of life and loss and celebrating our lives

Young people, ages 12-20, are welcome at Creating Space where, together, we support and encourage one another in a safe, non-judgemental and caring space. Most of us go through traumas during our childhood, whether divorce, family deaths, major accidents, abuse, neglect, addiction or extreme poverty and disparity and it can be hard to figure out how to move beyond the devastation we feel. At Creating Space, we explore ways to move forward, share our fears and feelings, help others and get creative through arts. 










If you are hurting or depressed or at a loss of where to turn, please know that we have created a safe place for you.


Meet together: Creating Space with KAF 

Contact Ethel Gardner at 909-808-6866            

The "Box of Hope" for those who mourn the loss of a loved one. Your donations make a HUGE difference.

PREVENTION (Before) (Prepare)

 Legacy: Before you Go

Not knowing when we will breathe our last breath on Earth, how can we prepare ourselves and families for the inevitable? A life well lived can leave a legacy of joy if all is prepared in advance. Learn about end of life preparations, plans, memorials, finances, paperwork and digital identities. 

INTERVENTION (Restore) (Repair)

Grief & Loss Support*

When death touches a family, it can be hard to process the emotions that we feel. Sometimes we are so frozen in our grief we struggle to move forward and live.This class will examine the stages of grief and provide strategies for dealing with them and moving beyond to face the next stage gracefully.

RE-INVENTION (More) (Care)

 Creating SPACE*

(For youth 12-21)

Young people are resilient, but they often go through traumas that adults don’t know about - bullying, loneliness, family disruptions, addictions, cutting, and abuse. Creating SPACE is a safe restorative group to share our difficulties, our hopes and dreams, and learn how to overcome setbacks in a healthy way

Writing Your Story 

Everyone has a story within, why not learn how to put your story in book form? Coordinated by published author, Ethel Gardner, learn the ins and outs of writing and publishing. Finish the class with something worth publishing.  

Anger Management

 Anger is often the underlying root of many mental health issues and the cause of ruptured relationships. This class will explore why we are angry, how to diffuse that anger and how to respond in caring and respectful ways instead.  

Baskets of Hope

 Our youth and other volunteers will fill and decorate special baskets of hope to be given to families who experience the sudden loss of their child. This is an “on call as needed” group.   


Volunteer with KAF

At the Kennedy Austin Foundation, we provide support and resources for those in need of mental health assistance and addiction recovery. We believe in the power of community and encourage those that have benefited from our services to volunteer and give back. Our volunteers play an essential role in the success of our organization, providing assistance in a wide range of fields including hospitality, administration, cleaning, intake, purchasing, copying, calling and more. By volunteering with us, you can help make a direct and meaningful impact on someone’s life while also gaining personal fulfillment.

Email Us Today To Become A Volunteer:


Kennedy Austin Family Institute Course Schedule 


Grief and Loss Classes

● Five Stages of grief 

Domestic Violence Classes

● Self awareness

● Self empowerment

Anger Management

● Know your triggers!

Parenting Classes

● Building self-esteem 

Creating Space (Youth Group)

● Girls and boys ages 5 -18 

Orchid Press LLC The journey from seed to flower, watered by words 

● Self-Publishing Company. 

● Journal workshop

Email Us Today To Register:

Financial Prep

 Learn to be a good steward of money that you earn or are responsible for. Check writing, bill paying, opening accounts, credit, investing, insurance and more will be discussed. 


Learn to quiet the voices in your mind and find a peaceful center. Techniques of mindfulness, meditation, prayer and affirmations will be practiced in this group to bring our anxieties and fears in check to live in an intentional mindful manner.

Mental Health First Aid

A mental health crisis can happen at any time to anyone, be prepared to respond appropriately. Learn the different ways our minds can go into crisis mode, and what to say and do in those moments.

Write the Wrongs

Empowering Women

While growing up and within adult relationships, sometimes things go terribly wrong and hurt us deeply in our soul. This class helps us bring out those wrongs done to us and provides writing prompts to encourage us to move beyond the hurts.

Ladies, if you have completed any of our Intervention groups, we invite you, when ready, to join us in transforming lives through empowerment and positivity. Investigate your ideas of a successful life and map out the steps to achieve it.

Prep to Work

Get ready for your first or next job in this class that teaches work ethics, resume preparation, job interview skills, job search, negotiation and effective networking.

Emergency Prep

Although the “Big One” or the “Zombie Apocalypse” may never happen, if it will ease your worries, take this class on how best to prepare for and to survive a disaster.  

Anxiety/Worry Support

Can’t sleep at night? Is your mind filled with fearful thoughts of the future? Are you too anxious to get out of the house sometimes, let alone the bed? This class will provide practical tools to calm the anxiety and worries as we seek peace together.


Within our technology saturated and fast-paced society, depending on parenting the way it has always been done is doomed to fail. Learn new and empowering ways to raise your children to be safe, loving and respectful.

Creative Therapy

(Art, music, dance, poetry)

Creative expression is especially healing and releasing for those dealing with traumas or just with life. Some sessions are guided and others are free expression. Everyone will have an opportunity to share their favorite masterpieces.

Together We Pray & Play

Studies show that families that either pray or play together are the happiest and healthiest families. Combining both multiplies the joy and understanding within families. We will share Bible stories, and pray in an open manner but no particular faith system is prerequisite. And, playing is for everyone! 

Marriage Preparation

Couples Communication

Overcoming Co-Dependency

Love as a feeling is a flimsy and unstable base upon which to build a marriage. Understanding that marriage is based on actions and decisions worked out together will help you build a steady base for your home. Learn communication and negotiation skills that will make a solid difference in your togetherness.

Marriages begin to fall apart when each person doesn’t feel heard or understood or validated.  Learn powerful communication strategies that will strengthen, not tear apart, your relationship. We encourage attendance as a couple, but understand that sometimes only one person sees or feels the problems. Solo attendance is allowed with permission.

Co-dependency is an emotional and behavioral condition affecting one’s ability to have a healthy, mutually satisfying relationship. Also known as “relationship addiction,” people with codependency often form or maintain relationships that are one-sided, emotionally destructive and/or abusive. This group will help you disengage, set boundaries and establish a safe self.

Victims of Crimes (PTSD)

Grief & Loss Support*

When death touches a family, it can be hard to process the emotions that we feel. Sometimes we are so frozen in our grief we struggle to move forward and live.This class will examine the stages of grief and provide strategies for dealing with them and moving beyond to face the next stage gracefully.

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